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22 Apr 2011

Delicious GF Chocolate Chip Cookies... from a mix?

While I prefer to bake cookies from scratch, I haven’t yet mastered gluten-free baking. Not wanting to deprive Olivia (or myself) from the occasional cookie treat, I set out to find a cookie mix made with natural ingredients that actually tastes good; so when I discovered Cherrybrook Kitchen’s Gluten Free Dreams Chocolate Chip Cookie mix, I jumped for joy (I really did. Ask my husband!).
Made with rice flour, brown sugar, non-dairy chocolate chips and very few other natural and safe ingredients that I’m totally comfortable with, you just add butter (the package says margarine, but yuck!), water, vanilla, and the mix. I add extra real chocolate chips (and plenty of them) to create a big gooey mess of deliciousness.
Olivia loves the cookies (which she calls “cookoos”) – or at least the broken off bits of cookies that she can manage (I eat the rest). A box makes a couple dozen one-inch cookies which I freeze in zip-lock bags.
I think I'll have one right now.  

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