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22 Apr 2011

Really Good Pet Food – if you can open the can!

At six years young, our cat Lola Granola, is a 5 pound toothless and highly allergic perma-kitty. Because of her we switched to all-natural household cleaners years before we had a baby and searched high and low for food that she isn’t allergic to. As a result, she eats very expensive, organic or at least human-grade cat food (which we jokingly call designer pet food). One of her (and consequently, our) favorite products is Mideast Feast by Weruva. Lola speedily gobbles up the costly stew and rewards us with hugs and pleas for more. Only problem is, the darn cans are near impossible to open. The pull-tab is really tight, and the ring breaks off if you pull it too hard.
I wrote the company and was very pleased to read their warm response. Stacie from Weruva wrote, “I too sometimes have difficulty opening the cans, and we are discussing other options with our factory. The issue we have found is that sourcing other cans proves to be a bit more costly, and the cans we use now are BPA free! We want what is best for our customers, as well as the health of the animals we are feeding... so, we will continue to source! I guess for now, keep eating your spinach ;-) haha!”
LOL, I wrote back that we certainly appreciate the use of BPA-free cans, so if that's the best option, then it's a good one. Weruva’s loyal customers (including us) will continue to buy their products no matter what.
Your cat or dog will drool in anticipation for flavors such as Paw Lickin’ Chicken, Peking Ducken, On the Cat Wok, Asian Fusion, Mack and Jack, and a whole line of meals for dogs (it just doesn’t feel right to call it dog food) made with Kobe beef and Kurobuta pork.
Check out more about Weruva’s “safety first” approach at www.weruva.com.  

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