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2 Dec 2011

September 2, 2011

Last night some food urges kicked in. They weren’t exactly cravings, but for a couple of weeks now I’ve found that I’ve been feeling full quickly an am hungry more often. Only a couple of hours after a very nice dinner of grilled trout, steamed baby potatoes, and a huge spinach salad (with the works – avocado, diced veggies...) I couldn’t think about anything else but having a huge bowl of cereal (I bought a box of Nature’s Path Acai cereal yesterday. Haven’t had that since my first pregnancy. Here we go...). Finally, at 11:30 pm (really?) I succumbed and had a half-cup of organic plain yogurt with a couple of tablespoons of cereal. That wasn’t enough, so I chased it with half a slice of sunflower-seed bread topped with some almond butter. Could’ve been worse, but it was these little extras that had me blowing up like a blow fish the first time around. I’m convinced that eating so late was a huge error in judgment. By 3 a.m. I was starving and counting the hours before my husband would get up to make me eggs for breakfast (yes, he actually does ;).      
This morning I was looking forward to a relaxing yoga class, but our instructor surprised us with Yoga Boot Camp instead. It was one of the toughest fitness classes I’ve ever done. We had the option to use 1lb, 2lb or 3lb weights – so while thinking to myself “how lame,” I picked up the 3lb’ers. Mistake. You have NO idea how heavy a petty 3 lb weight (in each hand) can feel until you’ve held an unnatural yoga pose for 60 seconds. By the end, I was done. Spent. Even bought a chocolate bar on the way out. The important thing is that I got through it, challenged myself, and had fun.
I’m about 6 weeks now – that’s when the serious nausea kicked in the first time I was pregnant. I am a little concerned about one thing. A huge perk of my first pregnancy was that I didn’t have a single headache or migraine (which I’m prone to) for 9 whole months. This week I’ve already had two mild migraine headaches (probably weather and exercise related). My mother had horrible migraines while pregnant with my younger sister, so I’ll be keeping an eye on this one (patterns, etc.).

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